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Ravelry is a pretty amazing place. Not only is it an incredible database of patterns and a personal database of all things knitting for me, it is a place where I have “met” some fantastic people.

It appears that I am in the middle of an inadvertent KAL (knit along) with one such friend.

I cast on Conic, as you know, and my friend Judy (from Ohio, where Finn used to live!) cast on shortly after I did. We have had a nice back and forth online, updating each other on progress and asking each other about opinions on any changes we were contemplating. (That has got to be another blog post — how I think I know better than people who write the pattern and insist on changing it, all the time.) I did not change this pattern at all except to change needle size on the cuff ribbing, but I think Judy must REALLY hate picking up stitches because she was contemplating provisional cast ons on some edges.

It’s really nice to have someone cheer you on as you are knitting away on many stitches (>400) on small-ish (US2) needles. I had the ribbing done in a few days, and I actually wore Conic to work this past Monday!

I think Judy is on her last bit of ribbing as well now, and I think she will be able to wear the shrug to work on Friday. I can’t wait to see the finished object photo of her shrug!!

Conic was a really fun knit, and I expected nothing less of Cookie A. She, after all, singlehandedly turned me on to knitting socks. I knit mine out of Wollmeise 100% Merino sock (of course, a sock yarn. So appropriate.) in a deep, almost-cranberry red called Ruby Thursday. The construction is really interesting — you knit the spine down the back, and then do the big dolman sleeves attached to this spine. From a knitting progression perspective, it’s really satisfying because the sleeves get progressively small in big increments — so once you have gone through about 5 sets of decreases, the knitting feels like it flies off the needles.

From a wearability standpoint, I thought it sat on my body pretty well. I felt like I kept on tugging on it at the back, but I am not quite used to the shape of this garment — it’s not quite a sweater. By the middle of the day, I was done fiddling with it.

I have a really funny suspicion that Conic will not stay in my wardrobe for long. I am pretty sure my little sister will try to weasel it out of me. (Mesmerize me into giving it to her, actually. She’s really good at that.)

I can always knit another!

PS WIP Wednesday admission. I’m too busy casting on new projects. But Waterfall is still out on my coffee table, sneering at me.

I am attracted to shiny new things. New patterns that get published at the most inopportune times (curse you, Jared Flood, for publishing BT Fall 2012 THE DAY AFTER I swore off buying more patterns), fiber clubs that seem to pair the most incredible yarn with exclusive designs by Your Favorite Designers, and Ravelry, which is ever so helpful in serving up the prettiest garments to be knit.

I also know that I am a relatively fast knitter. ..

  • IF I were to knit on only one project, I can probably finish almost anything in a week.
  • That is, IF it isn’t an Alice Starmore sweater.
  • and IF it’s not socks.
  • and IF I’m not too jammed at work or otherwise in real life.
  • and of course, IF I am knitting with Good Mojo.

The above two do not combine very well. It results, generally, in the overestimation of my ability to finish garments. And that results in a not so small pile of projects that getss abandoned.

So on every Wednesday, I am going to put my shiny new projects aside and work on some of these poor abandoned projects.

First up: Waterfall Cardigan.

This is a cardigan I saw on the designer, Eric Robinson, at the Green Mountain Spinnery Spring Retreat in 2011. I loved it on her. I wanted it. I bugged her for the pattern — oh, a few times. I cast on as soon as it came out….but it was summer. I told myself over and over again that it would be PERFECT for the Fall, but it got put away.

Well? Guess what? I have dragged the project bag (THAT’s where my ISIS Three Bags Full bag is!) and have determined that it would be PERFECT for Fall, and it may be workworthy, perhaps over a shift.

I am knitting this sweater out of Louisa Harding Grace (silk & wool) in a chocolate brown (hmmmmm, why did I pick…BROWN??). I have 5.5″ left to go on the lace bottom part of the cardigan, which isn’t too much, and the top part is an interesting construction. (a nice way of saying, I have to read the pattern again!)

I’m hoping to get this done in time to enjoy it THIS fall!

….and yes, The Fourteen Year Old WIP of Doom (remember this?) will be making an appearance soon. Especially if Alice Starmore is coming to Vogue Knitting Live NY this year!!