I knit. A lot.

When I’m not knitting….I eat or I am interacting with my two border collies.

Of course, I have a real life, but that’s the boring stuff!

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  1. Buffy Thom said:

    Please excuse my probably very silly question… but I just recently found your site while looking for Alice Starmore information–and you substituted (what I think) the PERFECT colors for the Mary Tudor sweater (blog entry January 17, 2012). They are simply perfect. Would it be at all possible to write me and tell me which colors you used? I am hoping to start one next month (when things settle down after Easter) and I would very much like to use a similar color scheme. I had planned on changing the colors anyway since the golds were just to gold for me. I apologize if this is asking too much-I am not used to writing people I don’t know and asking for information! But I just couldn’t pass the opportunity to ask you since I thought your Starmore sweater and its palette were fabulous. Thank you so much, Buffy Thom

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