Daily Archives: August 25, 2015

What is it with snacks in the UK?


One UK trend that hasn’t been widely imported to the US (and Japan for that matter) is highly flavored potato chips. Wait, CRISPS.

I make sure I have a smattering when I’m over there….just for science, of course.

On my way to Shetland, in Edinburgh airport while I was perfecting¬†my “No Fog In Shetland So My Flight Takes Off” dance, I decided to have these:

IMG_0067On the left….my favorite flavor. On the right, a flavor I have been scared to try. (I always get 2 just in case the flavor I’m trying is completely gross).

The Roast Chicken tasted like Maggie bouillon, which wasn’t too bad, if you like that artificial chicken flavor.

And, my “no fog” dance worked because my flight was on time!

I was bored. I had a pretty long layover in Edinburgh, so after taking care of a bit of a “thing” with the folks at FlyBe,¬†I took full advantage of the free WiFi. I posted this on Instagram of course.

And I got a CHALLENGE…”Have you tried the Haggis and Black Pepper one??”

Well? Of course I had to try it. Found in Lerwick:

IMG_5511Paired with what seems to be the perennial favorite, Prawn Cocktail.

Haggis was not reminiscent of the first time I had haggis, almost 30 years ago. When I didn’t quite now what it was and there was no Google on my smartphone to help me out! It tasted of spices. I didn’t taste anything offal like, and no oat. It was a bit strange, but I could see myself serving these with maybe gin and tonics.

I’m back in the UK later this year. What flavor should I try? And, should I be bringing over some BBQ flavored American Chips (a.k.a. Garlic In the Mouth for Days Flavor) to comparison taste with?