Happy Birthday-ish, Lucy!


She’s a rescue with a questionable birth date. So, I picked today, a bit more than eight and a half years ago when she came to me, to be her birthday-ish. It’s not a date I picked out of the air — I did ask my vet to take a guess based on her x-ray (she was going under to get spayed anyway, I got her hips radiographed).


I call her clown girl because she used to be a funny little thing, with big ears that she could barely hold up and her antics. She would be offended, since she is really a Very Serious Border Collie…you know.


Gone are the days Lucy would sneak into Finn’s crate with a roll of toilet paper and shred it. I would have been fooled (NOT), little girl, had you not been standing by his crate smiling. Now she’s got jobs every day, the most important of which is to make sure her old and deaf brother is awakened before each walk. He does seem to hear her bark. She goes right up to him and barks in his face, when I ask her “where’s Finn?”

Lucylu’s most prominent feature has been her big, triangular ears. But I think if you ask her, she would tell you that her proudest feature is her tail. Because her tail is magnificent. It’s fluffy, it’s expressive, and she is more than happy (I mean, if you are an attractive male dog) to fan it out and show it to you. She is a flirt. Unless the dog tries to take the relationship to the next level in which case she will rip his face off. Practically.


This year has been a big year for Lucy. She is not trained to the gills like Finn is. Her temperament did not require her human to go nuts. I know this bit of deficit though …So, it should not have surprised anyone that I didn’t let her off leash for over a year that we were frequenting the sheep farm down in Maryland. But earlier this year, she fully earned her right. She isn’t allowed to go in to “work” the sheep quite yet, it’s still a bit too exciting, but she can be trusted not to try to sneak through the fence, or climb a tree to catch a guinea hen (she will tree them all and then come back proud). She can go adventuring and swimming to her heart’s content. And she comes when she is called — at top speed. (Well, 99% of the time. Except when she took off after some deer and kept with them for many many minutes.)


I cannot believe that she is nine. I still think of her as my puppy. But like her human, there are some grey hairs showing up, and her sleep is getting deeper (as in, she closes her eyes and her ears are not at full attention).


Happy happy birthday, Lucy. I so love the “big” dog you have become!

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  1. Melissa Fischer said:

    Lucy is one of my favorite dogs, and I always love reading about her. Nine years old and deeper sleep– yes. Lucy’s friend Petra, too, now sleeps with her eyes closed and her ears relaxed. Perhaps they are dreaming of leaping off precipices as they chase each other at top speed through the woods. Happy Birthday, Lucy!

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