How Could I Forget?

I recently finished my first shawl of the year.



I’m not exactly sure what is happening so far in 2014 (I think it’s called the spinning wheel), but I am surprised that it took me so long to cast on a shawl. I think I had forgotten that I love to knit lace, how just arranging well planned holes and twisted stitches transforms yarn into something so amazing. And how the spaghetti that comes off the knitting needles just metamorphosizes into glory once it is blocked.

For me, there is nothing that flies off the needles faster than a well designed shawl.

So, when I cast on Jared Flood’s Sempervivum shawl in a wondrous grey yarn from Hedgehog Fibres, a score of an experimental shade that was in the dyer’s personal stash, I could not put the needles down.


And, as a bonus, this shawl is knit from the bottom up, which means that, the most stitches you’ll have on the needles is at cast on!

I am always careful about using variegated yarns on lace, as not to detract from the lace motif. However, I think this yarn worked out pretty well. No striping, no pooling… just hints of blues, greens, rusts in a wash of grey.


I have been wearing this shawl nonstop. And yes, I’ve cast on another shawl!

    • Thank you — it’s all from blocking like a thug πŸ™‚ — and of course, great design.

  1. Lee said:

    Kei, I love that one! it looks pretty big – and a wonderful pattern….could I do that?

    • It is a good size (not huge). And you will get my standard answer to your question of whether you could knit this or not….if you can knit and you can purl, you can make anything. However, if you’ve not made a lace shawl before, I would suggest something more like a Shaelyn, which is gorgeous but alternates lace with bits of solid knitting. We can look through Ravelry when I see you next and pick out a pattern πŸ™‚

  2. Tina said:

    That is beyond gorgeous !

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