Daily Archives: April 2, 2014

I have been working on a secret project. It’s really pretty.


It is a project though, that requires that the sleeves are knit onto the body after the body has been completely knit. I hate having a big pile of knitting on my lap, turning the whole thing as I knit the sleeves in the round.



My solution? Sticking the whole thing in a bag. (Oooo I cut it off. It’s a Mid-Atlantic Border Collie Rescue canvas back pack. A PERFECT large knitting project bag, with a big pocket on the outside. )


This way, the mass of knitted fabric is not hanging out on your lap — which may be a good thing in the dead of winter — but not so much as it starts warming up. And, with the fabric more contained, it is a lot easier to turn the bag as the sleeve is knit. 🙂


Knit on!