Daily Archives: August 23, 2013

It’s August and we WERE doing a KAL, right?


June’s Favorite Cardigan. I have seen a couple of gorgeous FOs in Ravelry — congratulations on finishing and I hope the sweater gets a lot of wear!! (See some photos above, posted with permission from sailingby and mommato8).

I am almost finished with my June’s, which has morphed into something rather different. So….let’s go back to the video tape (OMG, how old am I? And points if you know who I am quoting).

IMG_9135I started off wanting a cozy, cushy cardigan to wrap myself in on a chilly summer morning. (See post here). I was envisioning a steaming mug of Fortnum & Mason Royal Blend Tea (is there any other?), with milk, lounging around in my pajamas with this sweater on.

FYI, this is not a very realistic picture of my life as usually, I wake up because there are two pairs of Border Collie ears circling my bed (think “Jaws”) willing me awake and into my dog walk gear and a pair of running shoes so we can hit the streets/trails, wherever we are.

Anyway, back to my dream. I had the PERFECT yarn for it. I wanted this yarn knit up, with its mohair content, into a light fluffy thing of a sweater.

See the problem right away, right? While June’s cardigan is cozy, it’s a fitted sweater with a wide opening in the front. I wanted to be able to pull the fronts closed together. I mean, we are talking chilly mountain summer mornings here!

So, off I went to swatch and modify. There were a few starts and rip backs (the biggest one being that I attached the sleeves with unintentional asymmetrical fronts – oh YES I did).

I am almost done. In fact, all is done except for the cable panel to be extended to the back of the neck and sewn on. Why am I stuck here? Because I reached this point just in time for the massive heat wave in New York City and the thought of putting the entire sweater on my lap to finish the neck piece was an anathema to me.

It has cooled down significantly though, and I think Labor Day Weekend will be the perfect time to finish this project!