Daily Archives: June 16, 2013

IMG_9040I’ve loved this sweater the moment the pattern was published, back in 2009. I purchased many sweater quantities of yarn with this sweater in mind. But for some reason, I haven’t knit this sweater, until now.

I finished this sweater a few weeks ago, but it wasn’t until this weekend that I finally replaced the initial set of buttons I had on this sweater.

IMG_9041The sweater is Audrey in Unst by Gudrun Johnston, published in Twist Collective in Fall 2009. It is a very popular pattern, with more than 1,000 projects posted in Ravelry.

I made only a few modifications to this cardigan.

  1. Cast on the ribbing using a tubular cast on (and here’a link to my favorite instructions by Ysolda Teague);
  2. Cast off the sleeves using a matching tubular cast off (and link to TechKnitter’s instructions)
  3. Lengthened the body by 1.5″

Very minor for me. I used indigo dyed yarn, A Verb For Keeping Warm’s Annapurna. I love the little speckles of white, and I love how this makes this cardi look like a little jean jacket.

I think I need this sweater in a multitude of colors! (I think pale dove grey next.)


…But reality is another, it is better to come to grips with it right away….even in knitting.

IMG_9042I need to eat some humble pie. If anything I’ve written prior to this post has confused you as I refer to the edging — this is why — I apologize.

I had completely read the pattern wrong. I thought that the cable edging was attached after. And yes, a part of the cable edging is applied after knitting the body but not the whole thing.

This changes a couple of things for me.

1. I do not like raw edges on sweaters. So….I’ve decided to do an i-cord edging on the sweater.
2. I want to increase the width of the front by another cable on each side. (Now you see what I was planning to do — if the cable edging was an applied edging, then I could have decided at that point how wide to make it!)

This will result in:
1. I need to add the extra width for both the double cables and the i-cord edging.
2. I need to recalculate the front neck decreases to make sure that the neck opening is wide enough.
3. I need to frog (rip-it, rip-it) what I have knit so far on the body….which is about 200 yards worth. Sets me back by a couple of days, for sure, but I will catch up.

The good thing about knitting though — you can always undo and redo mistakes.