Cast ON!!!!! It’s June 1.

imageBefore I go through the math here, let’s just acknowledge that it is June 1 and cast on time!!! If you are comfortable with your gauge, cast on!!!!

And for those of us in the middle of the first heat wave (what happened to spring? Did we even have a spring?), sleeves may be the place to start.

Here is what I am planning on doing, loosely, and I’m planning on posting a blog post every Sunday evening with progress photos:

  • Week 1: Sleeves. I will post about why I start here tomorrow. For those of us with big second sock syndromes…sleeves are just like giant socks!
  • Week 2+: Body. I’d like to try to shoot for joining the sleeves to the body, and modification calculations in the raglan decrease the weekend of 6/21. By then, we’ll know if this will be an issue for anyone (I think it will be for me given the gauge difference).
  • Completion by 6/30?

Let me know how that will work.

I will follow later tonight with my modification list, math, and tales of winding yarn.

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