She’s Still the Newbie…Even After Seven Years!

IMG_6206Poor Lucy. No matter how many years she has been with me, she is considered “the new dog”.

She has been The New Dog for seven years as of this week. She’s no longer a shiny new puppy, but except for a few stray grey hairs on her muzzle, the black fur on Lucy is still as shiny as a panther’s and the white fur, when just out of the bath, still sparkles.

IMG_1519There are many things I would have done differently with this dog. One thing I did right, though. I didn’t squash her tendencies to be the master manipulator. And she is the master, on the order of Yoda.

And you thought I call Lucy Yoda just because her ears are like Yoda’s.

That is only part of the reason. The other is that she has supernatural ability (i.e., use the Force) to make humans pet her.

Lucy loves her pets and scritches, more than food and more than toys. Some dogs demand their pets from humans but I am a big believer that I shouldn’t pet a dog just because she demands it (unless he is 13), so Lucy has had to work around this (what she considers) stupid human rule.

She makes you want to pet her. It goes like this.

IMG_6641Situation 1: Coming through the door to (what she considers) Her Kingdom, i.e., my place. Well, a dog’s gotta greet the human, and the human’s gotta greet the dog. This is prime petting zone for Lucy. Even if you were predisposed against petting dogs, when a dog comes at you with her ears down, head down, tail doing the helicopter, running toward you then sits in front vibrating with anticipation with the tip of her tail going back and forth at 100mph….well, what’s a human to do? That totally deserves a scritch. That is the opening. Then, Lucy uses Th Force when she get’s the human to convert the innocent scritch into a full body massage. She stretches into your hand, and then leans into you as she was waiting all her life for that scritch. Then she turns this way and that, getting you to scratch every itch she has ever had and could ever have. I fall for this every single time I come through the door.

Situation 2: Sitting on the couch. Suddenly you “feel” eyes on you. You look around and you see them. They could be peering around the corner of the couch, with the tell-tale ear tips straight up like antennae toward you. (Those ears? They are just Lucy’s antennae for focusing The Force Beams.) Her big brown eyes are willing you to call her over. And you do. Watch out. Once you do this? It’s all over. Because she puts her little face in your lap, and then looks up at you with those big brown eyes. Guess what happens? Pet pet pet pet pet pet.

Situation 3: Hiking. Lucy, as usual, is enjoying the outdoors. Sniffing a flower there, eating some grass here, scoping out some critters. It’s actually a little bit annoying when you have another dog that is all business and stays on course on the trails. Exasperated, you call her, and she comes, mouth open and happy — and sits in perfect heel position, and gives a tail tip wag. OK, she’s not so bad and c’mon, that deserves it. Pet pet pet pet pet.

See what I mean? She’s a sneaky little one.

Happy adoptaversary, Lucy, may you manipulate away at your pack (and you even have Finn at your beck and call!)  for many more years to come!


  1. MaryAnne said:

    Happy Anniversary to you both!

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