Do You Want to Knit a Sweater with Me? A Sweater Knit Along

A few friends have some smooshy, cozy yarn in their stashes that are screaming to be knit into smooshy, cozy cardigans. I do as well, and I’ve agreed to knit a sweater with them.

A sweater in summer? You may say. But with the weather doing what it is doing in the Northeast this year, we may find (to my glee) that little warm cardi is just the thing we can throw on our shoulders as we sip our coffee in the morning.

(Just a note to say: That is such an idyllic picture for me and so far from reality. I don’t sip coffee until I have taken the daily early AM walk/slog/jog with my dogs so I’m already fully dressed, probably sweating, and not in some cute “just rolled out of bed” wear.)

June’s Favorite Cardigan is a Hannah Fettig design that looks to be nearly perfect for this. Nice cable accents to keep the knitting from getting too boring, raglan sleeves which I think is a must for a cozy sweater (and since it’s an open cardi, there shouldn’t be an issue with trying to make the sweater fit around the bust and have the armholes down at your bellybutton…), and what looks to be a stress free knit.

This will be a very loose knitalong/KAL. Basically, I will be posting a pretty loose schedule, and will be knitting this sweater and posting progress on a weekly basis. Please feel free to share your comments and link your Ravelry project pages down below!

imageCast on date is June 1. The assignment, should you wish to accept it, is before 6/1/13, you will:

1. Buy the pattern
2. Buy the yarn (I am using Green Mountain Spinnery’s Green Mountain Green, photographed above.)
3. Gather all materials (if you use a cable needle you’ll need one, we’ll need darning needles..)
…and of course, swatch.

I think this sweater can be finished in a month. I’ll be posting about my swatch next week!

  1. eastmachias2003 said:

    What is the name of the pattern?

    Sent from my iPad

    • I don’t think so….If you are comfortable with increasing, decreasing, counting and turning cables, I think you can do it!

      • I have always wanted to do a sweater, how exactly is this going to work? I read the post but I’d really like to try it if I can!

      • I think I’m just going to write about everything, as I’ve been told that it would be interesting to go through the whole process of knitting a sweater. For the KAL itself, I was envisioning maybe breaking up the pattern into 4 sections and do a weekly update on the knitting. (As you can probably tell, I have not completely thought this through so we will have to wing it to some extent.) I’ll definitely post about how I think about picking a yarn, and then the whole swatching thing, and casting on, of course!

  2. debensailingby said:

    I’m in! What a great idea!

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