Monthly Archives: April 2013

Remember that box that came home with me from Seattle? I finally cracked it open.

I wanted to make sure that I had spun and knit off of my spinning wheel before my first spinning seminar at Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival, upcoming next week.

IMG_1574The first yarn I made was a 2ply yarn from a BFL top. My singles were underspun in places, and overspun in places. and plying was a bit uneven. It’s still tough for me to see the smaller flaws in the skein, particularly as I was plying. I’m glad I knit with it, though, because I could certainly feel the imperfections and how I would have preferred to have the yarn after I knit it into a pair of fingerless mitts.


IMG_8911(The bit of orange is some Hedgehog aran that I had in my basket!)

IMG_8909Of course, I needed to try to make a 3 ply yarn. I like rounder yarns, and….well, why not?

This time, I started with a beautifully dyed braid of 85% BFL and 15% from JulieSpins. And while the spinning and plying certainly was far from perfect, I was able to make a yarn that was a bit more presentable….and a bit easier to knit.

IMG_8908It’s now a cowl, with a little bit of indian cross stitch on the ends (great pattern, it’s Elis by Reiko Kuwamura). I didn’t mean to, do this on purpose (because I am very far away from spinning with a purpose!) but the cowl is nicely graduated in ocean colors and goes from deep blue to a green.


I clearly have a lot to learn and have a massive list of questions for Maggie Casey next week!! I’m so excited!

IMG_8883I’ve moaned about how I dislike knitting socks…..many times. It’s really too bad that I love wearing hand knitted socks.

In fact, socks may be my favorite hand knit item to wear, period. So much so that I have looked longingly at those sock knitting machines at fiber festivals (it’s kind of not the same, is it??)

It’s a conundrum.

Enter Cookie A.

When I first joined Ravelry and saw that over 10,000 Monkey socks had been knit (now stands at 16,600 — WOW!), I was stunned. I thought — if there was a sock pattern that would transform me into a sock knitter, this has to be it! — Of course I had to join the fray. It took me a few days to knit the first sock…and then another few months to knit the other.

Then, I managed to knit another pair of her socks, BFF,  in a few weeks.

I am in my second year of The Cookie A Sock Club. Last year, I knit 4 patterns out of the club. This year, I think I may try to knit all 12.

I finished the February twosome a few days after the April pattern came out. I think the trick is to have both pairs off the needles before the next installment comes out….so I’ve got the first pair of the April duo on the needles right now.


I no longer think too much about whether the second sock will get done.


I think she’s done it. Cookie A. has made me into a sock knitter!!!