Daily Archives: February 24, 2013

I purchased my first skein of Old Maiden Aunt yarn when I was in London for a business trip. I’ve always loved Lilith’s really cool colors.

I was tooling around Ravelry (if Ravelry made a nickel per skein for all the yarn that is sold because of it…..), and saw that Lilith does a preview club at the beginning of the year, January, February and March, where 50 people get their hands on the new colorways.

When I got a slot, I was so happy!! And vowed to not let these skeins sit around in stash.

I also decided that the skeins will be used in 2 color projects, assuming that the skeins that come are meant to go together. Right? I think that’s a good assumption.

Here is my project with the January yarn, which was in the 4-ply 100% merino base in the colors Famous Blue Raincoat and Green’s Last Gasp: Zephyr Cove by Romi Hill. I have to admit, I wasn’t 100% sold on this shawl when it first came out, mostly because I just didn’t want to knit miles of garter. But I saw some of the gorgeous shawls that were knitted like Blunckie’s knit out of hand-spun, Teresat2t’s out of one of my favorite yarns ever (Tanis Fiber Arts Red Label), and lindsaykohler’s bold colored one (among many many others),  and how EVERYONE said that it was a very wearable shawl….and I was sold. I should not have doubted Romi to begin with.


It was a perfect commute project. And as a bonus, the knitting starts with this really cute little leaf:


And Lilith’s colors? I really love them together in this shawl. (Of course she’s good. She’s got a dog named Finn!!)

Next up, the February yarn, all caked to go.


Hmmmmmm. What should I knit!? I am extra excited about the red yarn, inspired by a Barenaked Ladies song!!