Ruh roh. What is happening!?!?!?

I decided that I needed to check something off my bucket list. Madrona Fiber Arts Festival.

Luckily for me, I could visit with someone and enjoy the atmosphere as well. So I showed up and sat around in this booth for a bit. Aren’t these mugs awesome? They sold out of course.


Unfortunately for me, we were a bit too close to Carolina Homespun‘s booth. I’m not exactly sure what happened here….I must have mouthed off about how I was “NEVER” going to spin. I should not have said that within earshot of Morgaine. Because within the day, I was doing this:


Then this….because this was prettier:


And it is resulting in me checking a box on the plane, home bound.


Whoa.  Moral of the story. Don’t say never. Especially in front of a great teacher.

  1. Amy Detjen said:

    Ah, the magic that is Madrona. Where perfectly sane people forget themselves… then live happily ever after.

  2. Susan Babb said:

    I knew you would spin some day! You know it doesn’t stop here. I now own 1.5 spinning wheels (I share a Louet with my sister). I’ve got some great spinning links on my web site! Have fun!

  3. Dana said:

    I haven’t said never.
    I say “when I’ve retired.”

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