Daily Archives: February 10, 2013

One of my favorite things to do is to snow shoe hike with the dogs. And, thanks to Storm Nemo, we got a nice dump of sugary, powdery snow. While the ~8-10″ we got in NYC is almost all gone, our favorite hiking haunts are still full of the fluffy stuff.


The air was crisp, it was sunny, and the snow was still fluffy. Lest you think that snow shoeing is some sort of a meditative activity for me, let me just share a few photos to give you a sense of what it is like to have a couple of BCs attached to you while you are slogging up and down powering through snow covered hills.

The old dog, Finn, is all about business. He picks a well packed down path, and goes about his business….Finding the Trail and Going Forward. He’s a good boy.


When it was just me and Finn, we would go miles and miles, listening to the wind, and snow falling from trees, and following various paths.

You notice that the photo of Finn above makes it look like just he and I are on a walk together. It’s curious that not even a hint of Lucy is in the frame.

It’s because Lucy is a total yahoo on the line. Honestly, there is no way to describe what she is like in snow — only photos will do justice. She is nowhere near straight, nowhere near the most packed down part of the trail, and nowhere near Finn. ¬†One thing for sure, though. My serene time with nature is not so serene….but filled with laughter instead. How can I not?

Oh, and check out the very last photo. Lucy got to see something very special today.