The Power of Suggestion.

IMG_8610Sometimes, a designer publishes a pattern and you know exactly which yarn in your collection wants to become it. (This is EXACTLY the reason why a knitter must have the well curated collection of yarn!)  And when that designer is one of your all time favorites, and the perfect yarn is from one of your favorite indie dyers….well, it’s a match made in Knitter’s heaven and in those cases, it’s as if there’s a magic jet attached to your knitting needles.

At least, that is what happens to me. The knitting flies. I’m a woman obsessed, eking out every free second to return to my version of crack.

This exact thing happened to me when Romi Hill gave us a New Year’s present. She took parts of all the shawls we knit as part of her Pins & Laces club during 2012 and put it together into a stole. Out of mohair/silk lace.

Heavenly is the pattern, and my crack yarn of choice for this stole, French Market Fibers Mohair Lace in Brandy Milk Punch colorway.


The one great thing about Ravelry is that when a pattern like Heavenly comes out, there is mass excitement, and there’s usually a group of other knitters that you can do a virtual knit-along with. Romi has a great group on Ravelry, and it wasn’t long until there was a group of us who convinced each other to abandon other knitting commitments (remember those Christmas presents that got wrapped with needles in them!?) to dive head first into the new project.

This is a bit of a dangerous venture for me, because getting excited with other people just throws fuel to the fire. I think we all whipped each other up into a frenzy, into a buying frenzy — to a point where I really thought that we may have, collectively, cornered the mohair lace market!!!

Of course, in the middle of this mass group enabling time, another one of my all time favorite yarn dyers, Beata at Hedgehog Fibres did an amazing update….with lots of kidsilk lace.

Needless to say, this is not the only kidsilk beauty that ended up in my collection, waiting for the next design inspiration. I’m good at enabling others, but I am super good at enabling myself!


It’s Beata’s Concrete colorway, which is a very complex grey. I LOVE this color, and I think it is especially pretty in this base.

IMG_1432I am actually surprised at my ridiculous enthusiasm for mohair silk. It’s a relatively recent love. I’ve always assumed that the fuzzy would bug me, and because my taste tend more toward the sleek and tailored, a mohair anything seemed a bit too girly for me. But what can I say? A shawl knit out of mohair silk is so light and so warm, I can really channel my inner-girly and wear the shawl with aplomb.

It has been windy and chilly here in NYC. And Heavenly has become a total mainstay of my wardrobe since I’ve finished knitting. It’s warm, it’s light, and it goes with my black and grey work wardrobe!

What should I knit with my Hedghog yarn?

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