Am I a Knitter with a Capital “K”?

Happy New Year!

One of the things that many Knitters (yes, that is with a capital “K”) do, apparently, is to cast on a new project at the stroke of midnight. It is actually not a tradition for me (I am usually cursing myself as I am running a 3 mile race in Central Park if I am in town), but in the spirit of Knitters the world over, I have cast on a new project at 5am UST/GMT/Zulu time (that’s midnight EST).

IMG_8569In fact, in the spirit of my 12 sweaters, 12 shawls and 12 socks in 2013 goal, I have cast on….a hat. (But it’s a really pretty lace hat, Gothic Tam by Romi HIll.)

Perhaps it is in reaction to my Christmas debacle (gave presents with knitting needles sticking out of them, I am furiously knitting on them still but these “Christmas” presents are quickly becoming Chinese New Year presents!!), I feel that it may be necessary to build a “gift chest” of sorts throughout the year.

I give away much of my knitting. In a way, this may be why I decided that I love knitting shawls. They are very easy to give away — and you don’t have to worry about the size of anything. Luck would have it that any knitted item that I’ve made for myself fits my females relatives fine (on the large side but not uncomfortably so), so I’ve always had willing takers (and stealers) of all my knitted projects. But knitting specifically with anonymous giving in mind? I’ve not really done that.

The hat that I cast on? I finished it and it is blocking right now. Even if I were to dedicate a few hours a week on building this war/gift chest….I’m not sure it would materially slow down my “normal” knitting. I am thinking that hats with matching mitts/mittens (and a cowl if I’m feeling generous) should be in my regular knitting repertoire this year….especially as I generate odd balls of DK/worsted weight yarns as I knit sweaters.

I did also cast on a sweater 🙂

What did you cast on for New Year’s and are YOU a Knitter?

  1. kathleen said:

    i cast on my first lined mitten.

    • Wow — I have a mitten all done from last winter, with 1/4 of the first lining hanging out of it. It’s cold so I should finish that!!!! (That totally qualifies you as Knitter!!)

  2. Tina said:

    Great knitting goals for the new year! I love the lace hat, beautiful 🙂

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