She Can’t Be Seven.

I think I talk far more about Finn. He is, afterall, The First Dog. However, it is actually Lucy who is the source of all things funny in my household.

I still think of her as a puppy. But today, Lucy is turning Seven!

I named her Lucy because when I got her, she was such a peanut, at 17 lbs. Her proper name is Piccola Bella Luna, because (when she is clean) the white fur on her gleams like moonbeam against her very black fur. Her name is Italian because she is built like an Italian sportscar (the engine is definitely German, though). I have all these reasons for her name, but in reality, I think she is actually a border collie reincarnation of Lucille Ball.

She’s a clown.

IMG_8459First of all, her ears. Have you ever seen ears that big? Finn outweighs Lucy 2:1, almost, but Lucy’s ears are the same size as Finn’s. (See scientific evidence, left). When I hold her head in my hands and mush her ears down to the side of her head (tough to photograph without another pair of hands), she looks like either (a) Princess Leia (if I “bun up” her ears) or (b) Yoda (if I let her ears go au natural but angle it sideways just so). (And thanks to a friend with some Photoshop skillz, she definitely looks like she could be a Jedi knight.) You know what this means, right? The Force is strong in her.


And indeed, it is. Or at least, in her own mind it is!

I submit to evidence this photo (below). Taken right after she “figured out” (OK, so she observed another, much taller dog just reach in and grab toys out of the hamper) that she did not need to ask me to give her a toy. So much for THAT training. Thanks, Molly (the tall dog). Look at her going at it, with eyes all green with The Dark Side Force. This incidence earned her the nickname, “Lucyfer”. You will see, her name is very fungible and mutates with her actions.


flying lucyThere’s nothing she loves more than running. She folds back her ears against her head — we must be aerodynamic since we are inspired by Italian sportscars, you know — and just FLIES. And boy, is she fast.

There is one thing, perhaps, that she likes more than running. And that is being chased. In particular, by Finn. There are not many dogs, sheep, ducks or cows who want Finn behind them. He makes them move with a glance. Not Lucy. She wants the full on chase. Her favorite game happens when I call Finn to me. She positions herself in between me and Finn, and waits, ready to pounce, until he comes running.

IMG_5686It rarely works (Finn values the potential cookie in my hand over chasing Lucy 99% of the time). It sometimes backfires (see below. I’d be scared too.). But when it works, Lucy is in hog heaven. This game has earned her the nickname of “Looney Lulu”, because she really is crazypants, picking on Finn like that.

finn gets pissed

There’s more.

I have (or had) a rule about dogs and furniture. About how they do not belong on furniture except for very very rare occasions when I invite them up. I know, this rare occasion nonsense could have caused some confusion — but honestly, I don’t think so since Finn seems to fully understand the rules. Lucy’s interpretation of the rule is that when I’m not in the room, this furniture rule does not apply. In fact, I believe she thinks it is her rightful place to “warm up” my various places on furniture for me. So while she always jumps off of where ever she is (nestled on my bed in the pillows, curled up in “my seat” on the couch, or buried in the pillows on the daybed) when I enter the space, she is a creature that fully appreciates human furniture. All over them.

I have long given up trying to eradicate all dog hair from my apartment, and I’m probably getting Lucy fur (get it? Lucyfur = Lucyfer = Lucifer?) all over the place as I move from places kindly warmed by my little girl to the next.

The best thing about Lucy is that she is great at acting like she loves you. And I mean all humans. Be careful. It’s a total ploy. She LOVES getting petted, will basically command you to pet her in all the places she likes to be scritched. Oh, and she will return these pets with her tongue. In fact, I got a warning label for her just the other day. So…if you ever happen to meet my girl, just keep your mouth closed because you really do not want tongue to tongue contact with a dog. Ick.

The last secret about Lucy? She will think it is way TMI. But I have to tell it, since it’s way too funny. Ready?

She spins clockwise if she is going to pee, and she spins counter clockwise if she is going to poop.

See? She IS a clown.

Happy Birthday, my little girl!


  1. mysmartpuppy said:

    Can’t quite decide which I like best – the pix or the words? Decided I don’t have to decide. šŸ˜€ Lovely – all of it. Happy Birthday, Lucy!

  2. Marianne said:

    Happy Birthday Lucy!! Once again, Kei, your words and pictures have expressed what a dynamic duo you have. Lucky you! I love Lucy ;).

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