Crazypants Plan, Second Leg Complete

bistonI have alluded that I have a crazy knitting goal for 2012. Well, it didn’t seem so crazy when I set the goal, but it became crazy once I went on a serious bender knitting shawls.

My goal was: 12 Shawls, 12 Sweaters, 12 Pairs of Socks completed in 2012.

I was tracking to plan in January and February. Then, my sister’s wedding came up and it was unseasonably warm. I panicked, and knit her a second wedding shawl — which threw me off.

That second wedding shawl that I knit happened to be a BooKnits design. And, long story short, I got hooked on her designs (and her yarns, thanks, Bev!) and did a few test knits for her and before I knew it, I had WAY overachieved my 12 shawl goal. In fact, I believe the shawl I currently have on my needles is #29 for the year.

I told you I overachieved. Even for me, that is a nutty amount of overage.

As a result, at the beginning of September, I was faced with whether I was going to still try for the 12-12-12 in 12.

The issue was sweaters. I needed to really crank because I was more behind in units in sweaters.

Guess what?

I did it. Twelve sweaters cast on and completed in 2012. The last of them is Biston, by Mercedes Tarasovich-Clark. Originally appeared in Brooklyntweed’s Wool People  Vol.3 collection, knit out of Loft.

Mine is knit out of Tess Designer Yarns Kitten, which is luxury in a skein. It’s 65% cashmere and 35% silk. In order to take full advantage of the yarn, I wanted to make changes to have the garment be really drape-y and cuddly, and not tailored at all.

I won’t bore you with all the changes I made, since I don’t want my blog to become, “How I changed the pattern to suit my needs”, but there are notes aplenty on my Ravelry project page.

Now, I am declaring December the month of the sock. I need to finish a few pairs in between some gift knitting.

  1. Jessica said:

    Wow! 29 shawls alone is crazy, let alone the 12 sweaters and socks! I just started following you and am looking forward to all your future projects! I feel like a slacker now…think I better go knit something 🙂

    • I am nuts, more than you are a slacker! It’s amazing how much you can get accomplished if you do a bit every day (my commute), and if you tell yourself that you cannot sit in front of the TV without knitting! Thanks for following the blog!

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