Back home from the mountains last Sunday to hunker down for Sandy. My entire life, personal and work, needs power — of course I knew that, but perhaps not to this extent.

I was so stressed out that I overdid it on the knitting. The sleeves and the ribbing was done on this sweater as of Sunday evening around 8pm.  The photo below shows where I was as of Tuesday afternoon….at the separation of the fronts and back on the body. I think I knit about 30 hours in the next 2 days. Even for me, that is a lot.


I’m going to give my wrists a bit of a break.

How did you fare in the storm?

  1. Amy Detjen said:

    The only aftermath of Sandy for me is worrying about my friends in NY, NJ, VT, etc. Once again, life in small-town Wisconsin proves to be easier than elsewhere. Are you reunited with Finn and Lucy?

    • Not yet, Amy. Not until power comes back on in my apartment because I need to be really mobile and be able to not to worry about toting along two relatively big dogs. Besides, they get boarded where they are every time I travel, so for them, I think this is a lot less stressful.

  2. agc said:

    What yarn are you knitting with? It looks absolutely gorgeous.

    • It’s pretty decadent. It’s Blue Sky Alpacas Metalico — which is baby alpaca and mulberry silk. The only issue is that it’s a single, so I’m doing all the ribbing twisted, and I’m hoping it wears well. If I were sane, I would have knit a pretty little accessory with it first before embarking on a big garment with it. But, so far, it knits like a dream, has a great halo, I bet you it blocks wonderfully and it is really really soft.

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