WIP Wednesday: It’s Almost Time for Holiday Knitting

I know that highly organized people start holiday knitting way before it starts getting cold.

I would put myself generally in the organized end of the spectrum, but I am a total adrenaline junkie and cram queen which means that I usually put off really serious holiday knitting until about Thanksgiving.

Holiday knitting for me starts with a sweater that I knit to wear to all the holiday functions (that I can wear a sweater to, that is). No intarsia Santa and Rudolph, don’t worry. I have a really pretty ensemble planned in silk/merino fingering and kidsilk lace which were specially dyed for me by the lovely Sabine at Lichtfaden. I will be casting this on my needles on 11/1.

I have been also contemplating incorporating my knitting into my holiday card photo. Usually, I browse through my dog photos from the year, select my favorite, and that is my card. I don’t send holiday cards every year, but I think I have a cute idea for a photo so my plan right now is to do one…I will be writing about my holiday card photo shoot, I’m sure. Here’s the knitted prop I want to use. And of course, Finn and Lucy will be prominently featured.

As for gift knitting — because I realize that when everyone says “holiday knitting” they mean gifts (and not for knitting for themselves like I’ve just been talking about!) — I am still a bit up in the air.
I think I’ve picked out the theme for the women in my family this year, which is centered around the yarn that I want to use. I think the guys are going to get socks, although my brother may get a bit luckier, if I don’t run out of time.
Have you started your holiday knitting yet??

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