Daily Archives: October 2, 2012

My dog Finn is almost 13 years old. Hard to believe that he has been my sidekick for almost 9 years. He came up lame several weeks ago, which resulted in Old Human throwing out her neck carrying him to the eVet (he’s 50lbs, if you were wondering whether I was a wimp getting injured carrying a 5lb Chihuahua in the streets of Manhattan) and pain meds, anti-inflammatories and crate rest for the Old Guy.

Poor Lucy (my “puppy” who is no longer a spring chicken @ almost 7 years old) has had to deal with limited exercise as well since the Old Human doesn’t have enough energy to do too many separate exercise sessions. (Although the neck thing may have been due to our frisbee throwing session for what seemed to be HOURS. I’m going with the Carrying Finn Through the Streets of Manhattan story though.)

Aging just isn’t pretty, is it? In my head, I can still hike for hours, run top speed without warming up, and generally compete with my dogs for activity level. In reality, I have had to pace myself. I can still hike for hours but in cool temperature and my pace has slowed. (Finn’s fault). I can still run top speed without warming up but my top speed is now at a snail’s pace and I risk serious injury. And I now compete with my dogs for their inactivity level (they must sleep 20 hours a day) and relish my naps on the weekends.

I am blaming my Old Dog….but it really does sound suspiciously that the Human is getting old as well, doesn’t it?

On the good news front — Finn is off of crate rest, we got a couple hour window without rain in the mountains, and the three of us went for a nice amble on one of our favorite hikes. It took longer than it normally takes us, but I got to hunt for mushrooms, Lucy got to nose at all the critter holes along the hike and Finn was just happy to be out — as evidenced below!