When Deadlines Suck Out Your Knitting Mojo, It’s Time for Entertainment

I’m usually pretty good with deadlines. Eking things in right before something is due has been my specialty all my life. Yes, I am Queen of Cram.

Recently, though, I’ve noticed that when I set deadlines on my Ultimate Procrastination Activity (a.k.a. knitting), I seem to lose all steam.

Of course, I set ambitious goals for Ravellenics. I am probably not going to finish any project I said I would. And there is a part of me that is rebelling against the project deadline (Sunday).

So….what does one do to pass the time when you’ve set a rule that you must not sit in front of the TV with nothing else going on, when the Olympics are on TV?

“Dog Training”. The other ultimate form of entertainment.

(1) Training Log: Finn – Worked on sit stays and release on command.

Translaton: Made Finn sit still as I made him cross eyed as I place a biscuit on his nose. Made him hold that position until I took a few snapshots. Release him as I hope (for the 9th year) that he will flip the biscuit up rather than sideways and catch it to eat it.

Grade: A on Sit. A on Stay. C on Attitude (look at him, he is PRACTICALLY rolling his eyes). D on catching the biscuit in the air. A+ for effort.

(2) Training Log: Lucy – Worked on recall, sit stay, head turn on call. Handling.

Translation: Have you seen my dog Lucy’s ears? One of the things she loves is if you take her ears in your hands and rub them. If you pull her ears a little to the side….she looks like…YODA!!!!!!! (That’s the handling training). Recall worked on several times as I would have to be fake playful as I called her to me as I was about to do “handling” exercises. Had her sit, and stay as I drape a foreign object on her. She had to hold her stay without moving the foreign object (Yoda robe also known as a towel) on her, and I took photos (worked on head turns to get her to look at me).

Grade: A on Recall (Good girl Lucy). A+ on Handling (only gave me a few dirty looks). B on sit stays. A on stay with distraction (towel draped on her). D on head turns (only looked sideways at me — yes, she was probably uncomfortable and confused as to what i was doing). A+ for effort.

Now back to regularly scheduled programming.

I am knitting. Just not on what I’m supposed to be knitting for Ravellenics!

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